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The emotional scars can heal with time but the physical scars serve as a constant reminder that no woman (or man) should be hit and abused.... we must continue to speak up and speak out!


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11 emmy awards, co-anchor of the #1 morning show in Detroit, the editor of “Gen Next Honor Roll,” a special news feature that profiles outstanding young people in Metropolitan Detroit,  host and executive producer of “Front and Center with Fanchon Stinger” an in-depth half hour special focusing on current issues in Metro Detroit.  I spent almost 20 years building my career on the principles of honesty, integrity,  hard work, and serving the community in which I grew up. I had covered stories on domestic violence and I never thought I would be ever be the victim of domestic violence….. let alone trapped in the twisted world of someone who displays the most severe forms for sociopathic/narcissistic behavior. It’s a dark world of constant fear, spontaneous violence, subtle and overt threats, elaborate lies, and the most extreme and severe forms of manipulative control.  The abuser’s aim is not just to control every aspect of their victim’s life but to enslave their any means that’s necessary.


I have remained silent until now.  Now I am sharing my personal story of survival and triumph because this can happen to anyone regardless of age, race, socio-economic status and gender. I know what it’s like to live in a private prison of fear praying for help to come and mustering every bit of strength to hold it together in public.  Being both a professional woman and a public figure made some of the challenges I faced very difficult.  What became very public was false information and rumor reported as fact. A year and a half later I am happy all of my legal disputes with my former employer have been resolved, he is headed to federal prison and I have healed from a potentially devastating experience.  I walk away stronger, wiser, at peace, and even more passionate about my life and doing my part to help stop the violence! 

1 in 5 girls experiences domestic violence beginning at a very young age.  This is a crisis! I now look forward to continuing my career in the media and I will forever use the gifts and talents I have been blessed with to educate as many young women, young men, parents, and especially professional women on domestic violence.

I thank God everyday for protecting my life and bringing me through this experience with even more faith than I had.  Most importantly I am thankful that I am able to share my story and help save lives. Together we can stop the violence!!